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The Warrior Edda Part One


Freya Einarsdodder had sailed along the Gray Coast as a hired sword for years, cutting out a living among the warring factions of the south. Fierce, strong and with a striking beauty she has always had to trust her instinct and her blade as she fought for her place in the world. When she heard rumors of a Norse captain looking to take on crew in the great city of Calderon, she was eager for the chance to sail once more with her own people. There was no way she could have known that she would end up on a longship, with a thief, a priest and the imposing Captain Wolfgeir. Now dangerous waters await them all, filled with foul creatures, vicious pirates, magic and a ruthless king who may have a score to settle with the captain and his crew. But what is more dangerous, the wary king, the monsters that surround them or the captain himself; a man driven to succeed, a man determined to pry wealth and glory from whoever or whatever gets in his way.

Lost Heroes is the first book in a new Norse fantasy adventure series called The Warrior Edda. It is a fast paced, action-packed adventure novel that features intrigue, romance, conquest and plunder. With compelling characters and exciting storytelling, Lost Heroes, will plunge you into a deeply magical world fraught with danger and glory.


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